Personal Injury Law

In Louisiana, the paramount statute that makes another party responsible for your injuries can be found as Revised Statute Art. 2315 (A), which states:

“Every act whatever of man that causes damage to another obliges him by whose fault it happened to repair it.”

La. Revised Statute Art. 2315 (A).

This statute clearly promulgates the obligation of the person responsible for causing injuries to you due to that person’s negligent actions or negligent behavior.

Here at the Labourdette Law Firm, we handle a variety of personal injury claims that arise from another party’s negligence (fault). We represent clients in personal injury cases such as:

  • Automobile wrecks
  • Slip and falls
  • Foreign objects in food
  • Food poisoning
  • Cuts from glass
  • Injury from falling objects in store
  • Tripping over hazardous conditions on others’ property
  • Injury due to a faulty product

Some of these cases are commonplace, and our clients know they have the right to collect damages from the liable party, but there are countless other injury cases that are not as commonplace and require an experienced attorney to resolve.

The lawyers at the Labourdette Law Firm can help you understand your rights and assist you with your claim.

So, the rule of thumb is, if you have been injured, in any way, call us at the Labourdette Law Firm to discuss the circumstances of your injury. Remember, the call is FREE.

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