Our Practice Areas

Injured man in arm sling

Personal Injury

We handle a variety of personal injury claims that arise from another party’s negligence (fault), including: automobile wrecks, slip-and-falls, foreign objects in food, food poisoning, cuts from glass, injury from falling objects in store, tripping over hazardous conditions on others’ property, and injury due to a faulty product, just to name a few.

Auto accident

Automobile Accidents

The Labourdette Law Firm has handled countless car wreck cases, from minor property damage to totaled vehicles, and cases ranging in value from $1,000.00 to $1,000.000.00. We can handle your car wreck, 18-wheeler wreck, pedestrian/car accident, or motorcycle accident case from shortly after it occurs through to its conclusion at settlement or judgment.

Collapsed balcony

Slip and Falls

We have handled such premise liability cases as: falling through a railing at an apartment complex, slipping and falling on leaked soda in a grocery store, an ankle fracture on due to a deviation at an apartment complex, a chipped tooth due to a bolt found in candy, cuts from glass, cuts from mirrors, falling product off of business shelves, eye injuries, and dozens upon dozens of other injuries due to the negligence of the premises owner.