Slip and Fall / Premises Liability

Often our clients tell us their initial response after a slip and fall injury is embarrassment. But, only 12- to 24-hours later their embarrassment is overcome with the pain associated with the injury sustained due to the fall.

The Labourdette Law Firm has handled countless slip and fall cases. Slip and fall is referred to as premises liability cases within the legal context, and the Labourdette Law Firm does not shy away from fighting for the injured party regardless of the size of the business where the injury was sustained.

Due to the nature of these types of cases, it was necessary for the Labourdette Law Firm to litigate many of these cases. Some such cases include representing a person who fell through a railing at an apartment complex, another person who slipped and fell because of leaking soda in a grocery store, someone who fractured an ankle due to unsafe conditions at an apartment complex, and many more.

Other examples of liability cases litigated are: chipped their tooth because a bolt was found in candy, a young boy injured by defective swim goggles, cuts sustained from glass and mirrors, products falling off of shelves at a business, eye injuries, and dozens of other injuries all due to the negligence of the premises owner or product manufacturer.

The Labourdette Law Firm hopes you are never injured in any slip and fall accident, BUT IF YOU ARE, please take the following actions:

  1. If you are seriously injured, have the business contact an ambulance and ask for medical attention immediately.
  2. Stay in the area and have someone close by get the manager and insist on filling out an incident report; an incident report can be critical to your case.
  3. Give the manager your statement and make sure all witnesses to your accident give their statement as well.
  4. If possible, take pictures of the substance that made you fall, along with photos of the area – (ex. failure of the business to properly display cautionary “Wet Floor” signs in area).
  5. Get a copy of the incident report, AND
  6. Call (504) 799-2277 or (985) 643-6566 so we can start on your case immediately!

As always, your initial Personal Injury Consultation is FREE, and remember on PERSONAL INJURY CASES we don’t get paid until you do!

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